Product Content Optimization

Rocket Fuel For Your Website

Altius can quickly build, organize, integrate, and enhance product data and content.

Get it done, reduce costs and satisfy everyone.

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What We Do

Build Product Content & Database

Collect, create, organize and enhance product content, images and databases

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Enhance and Integrate

Merge, cleanse, and standardize product data, and integrate content for shoppers, partners and users across your enterprise

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Plan and Execute

Accelerate your projects from start to finish, with an eCommerce data team that has 15 years experience working on millions of products across multiple industries

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The Benefits

  • Gain a partner that specializes in product data and content
  • Get products onboard faster
  • Extend your eComm product and IT teams
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve customer service, logistics and sales
  • Increase ecommerce sales

Who We Serve

eCommerce design and marketing agencies

Let Altius be your product data partner for client projects, adding value that helps to close sales, execute quickly, improve satisfaction, and grow revenue.

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Manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Altius has the team to help you onboard products quickly, integrate databases, collect and enhance content, refine site taxonomy, or solve any product database obstacle.

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Data specialists, PIM & ecomm system integrators

Altius experts will help you scale up for data migration, normalization and content building tasks that make new technology integrations successful.

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The Altius Difference


Altius has 15 years experience developing content and databases for millions of products across multiple B2B and B2C industries. Altius engineers have helped clients succeed with every phase of eCommerce projects, from planning information architecture and web site taxonomy, through the final processing of large or small content databases.


Over hundreds of projects, our customers have relied on Altius to implement the most technical and resource intensive tasks, with high quality, on-time delivery, and great service. Increased sales, more satisfied customers, better ecommerce effectiveness, and fast ROI are the Altius difference.

What Our Clients Say

We hired Altius to handle our data standardization and attribution project for thousands of SKUs… an incredible undertaking and time consuming task. Everything was handled in a straightforward manner with consistently detailed communication. Outcomes have been excellent. We strongly recommend Altius.

Shane Jelinski: eComm Manager, Drew & Rogers