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B2B products are often complex. Technical buyers rely on detailed, organized product information to make online purchasing decisions, making an expert approach to product content crucial to the success of any B2B e-commerce store.

Learn how great e-commerce content is used to:

  • Improve search rankings
  • Drive higher sales
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Optimize SEM
  • Enhance onsite search
  • Decrease customer acquisition costs
  • Reduce returns and calls for help
  • Compete in online marketplaces
  • Lower costs, improve productivity, and onboard faster

Projects aimed at making these improvements — as well as digital transformation initiatives such as site migrations and PIM system implementation — can maximize the benefits of product information by following a tested method for building great product data and content.

To access this four-step process, download this FREE e-book, The Expert’s Guide to B2B Product Content, and achieve B2B e-commerce content excellence by becoming a product content expert!

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