B2B Product Content Services

The fuel for eCommerce sales is high quality, accurate, up-to-date, and all-inclusive product data and content. Your shoppers, and your sales or customer service teams, use the fuel to find, research, compare, and buy products.

Altius is your trusted partner to refine and fuel up your website. We collect, organize, standardize and optimize the product content on your website.

Build, Organize and Link Product Content & Data

Collect all content

You gain competitive advantage by providing shoppers with all the information available about a product. They can search or navigate quickly to the product to see content (images, videos, manuals, spec sheets, part lists, certifications, warranties, package contents, packaging labels and more).

Organize navigation and product pages logically and consistently

Develop a customer focused taxonomy with clear menu labels, navigation filters and paths, attribute names, product titles, feature/benefits lists, and specifications.

Normalize information

From different sources and authors for better search and consistent presentation on all of the sites product pages.

Link products and information

For opportunities for cross sell, upsell, and suggest substitutes that meet the customer expectations.

Get ready for Mobile

By setting menu and navigation priorities, and streamlining content for easy viewing on any screen.

“Altius pulled the product data from the manufacturer’s site and built a database in the approved format. Within 45 days, sales of that high margin product line increased by over 100%. We recovered the complete costs of the data improvement within 3 months!”

Mandy Dunlow – Product Data Manager – MRO Distributor

Integrate and Enhance Product Content for the Enterprise

Migrate and merge multi-source product content

From legacy systems, multiple vendors/distributors, content aggregators and enterprise departments.

Implement PIM, MDM, ERP and eCommerce platforms

To hold a single source of normalized, accurate product information.

Format data for multiple uses

Sharing with partners, and feeding to marketplaces.

Normalize product content

For sharing easily across platforms and purposes.

Get ready for Mobile

By setting menu and navigation priorities, and streamlining content for easy viewing on any screen.

“Our web design and marketing agency has many clients that don’t have a good product database to support UX, SEO and conversion objectives. We use Altius as a product and content database partner. Their service is the “missing link” for successful commerce sites. Our clients like working with them as well and see very strong results.”

Doug Wade – SEO and Marketing, Baldwin Creative

Plan & Execute Product Content & Data Projects Quickly

Develop data project requirements & guidelines

Success depends on setting standards for sources, accuracy, validity, and format requirements.

Prepare content & data for new systems (PIM, ERP, eComm)

Normalize, fill data/attribute gaps, standardize data and images, find missing content.

Onboard products faster

Altius has the workforce to ramp-up quickly for one-time or ongoing onboarding projects.

Keep data fresh and up to date

Regularly cleanse your product databases to de-duplicate and delete obsolete products.

Reduce costs and improve project results

No need to expand your staff or divert them for the data build, enhance and integrate tasks. Altius is solely focused on product database and content with 15 years in the eComm business with many satisfied customers.

Get an outsource partner

Altius has 15 years experience with a staff of engineers and industry experts, and works with any database platform.

Online buyers rely on product content, retailer and distributor specs, manufacturer specs, where the product was manufactured, the source of the components, video demos, buying guides, quick reference guides, tutorials and so on. 24% say they’re looking for authentic information that is supplied by the manufacturer.

eBook “Upping Your B2B Commerce game With Product Content” – Insite Software

Altius Expert Services

  • Taxonomy design (menus, hierarchy, categories) and product classification
  • Search and Navigation Filters
  • Style guide and data standardization policy
  • Multi-system data structure analysis
  • Merging databases, content systems, and mapping data sources
  • Sourcing and SKU Attribute Building
  • Product Content Enrichment (sourcing images, videos, manuals, articles, information)
  • Image Sizing, Cropping and Enhancement
  • Product cross linking – upsell, cross sell, brand/manufacturer cross reference
  • Product onboarding
  • Database maintenance
  • Marketplace data feeds
  • 37% put at the top of their list more detailed product information
  • 29% said they want better search
  • 20% want better site design and navigation

Oracle – Cross Channel Commerce report, 2011