Why Product Content Matters

Customers want complete and trusted information about products before they decide to buy. Poor quality product data and content destroys customer satisfaction, revenue, and profit for eCommerce sites. Good content, on the other hand, helps shoppers to find, learn about, compare, and buy products.

Build, Organize and Link Product Content & Data

According to Early Information Sciences:

Improvements to product taxonomy, attributes, and data can have significant impact on demand generation and operational productivity of the product information team. We typically see:

  • 20% increase in SEO traffic
  • 20% increase in SEO page entries
  • 40% increase in product search click-through (CTR)
  • 40% increase in product detail page conversions
  • 20% increase in website usability customer satisfaction

At Altius, we could not agree more. In case after case, customers discover ROI in just 3 to 12 months from product data improvement projects. Customer satisfaction, experience, and trust drive sales. When customers can easily find products on your site, and have trust in the comprehensive content about the products, they are confident in buying.

More research findings:

A study by Oracle revealed that, above all, people want more detailed and visual product information (37%), and better search (29%). 20% want better site design and navigation.

A recent Demand Gen report on online shoppers also stated “about two thirds (67%) rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago.”

The visual information that Oracle emphasizes includes product images on your site. According to a study by Forbes, 50% of online shoppers say that large, high-quality product images are more important in their buying decisions than product information, descriptions or even reviews. This is great news for online retailers.

Visual Website Optimizer found that for one general merchandise retailer, increasing the size of product images resulted in sales rising a straight 9.46% (without any additional funds spent towards advertising)!

Many eCommerce sites host inaccurate product data.

According to a survey by Ventana: Over 80% of B2B companies are not confident in their product data.

Real Results Marketing and MDM survey also stated:

Distributors who say they have an effective catalog are nearly twice as likely to have complete data and over four times more likely to have accurate data than companies with ineffective catalogs. Among the successful catalog distributors, 82 % report high product data accuracy versus 18 % for other distributors.

What are experts recommending?

The NN Group advises that the essence of a good product data and content strategy is to:
“Remember that good websites must answer your buyer’s questions before they think of asking them.”

An eBook from Industrial Strength Marketing , sums it up:
“Your products should include up-to-date, complete data so that they’re discoverable by search engines, filterable by your catalog, and helpful to your users. Buyers could be looking for anything: product names, brand names, your part numbers, your competitor part numbers, literature, manuals, product features, attributes, shipping restrictions, high-resolution images – you just don’t know. Even simple improvements can have big effects on sales and revenues.”

Need to discuss your product data or content issues?  Give Altius a call. We can help with with any project to improve product data and content. These services include:

  • Taxonomy design (menus, hierarchy, categories) and product classification
  • Search and navigation Filters
  • Style guide and data standardization policy
  • Multi-system data structure analysis
  • Merging databases, content systems, and mapping data sources
  • Sourcing and SKU Attribute Building
  • Product Content Enrichment (sourcing images, videos, manuals, articles, information)
  • Image Sizing, Cropping and Enhancement
  • Product cross linking – upsell, cross sell, brand/manufacturer cross reference
  • Product onboarding
  • Database maintenance
  • Marketplace data feeds